Richmond staff works with URPD to deliver 3D-printed masks and sanitizer

April 27, 2020

Spider Pride

Richmond staff members have created face masks and hand sanitizer to help keep the UR Police Department stocked with needed supplies during the COVID pandemic.

Fred Hagemeister, a research analyst in UR’s Information Services Department, used his personal 3D printer to create face masks and shields with filters. Hagemeister, who oversees 3D printing at UR, created the equipment using templates available online.

The masks take two hours to print, he says, and the shields take an hour to make. He’s now made more than 100 of these supplies. Hagemeister donated a batch to local healthcare workers, and then learned URPD officers and EMTs could benefit.

“I’m happy to assist those who need it most right now,” Hagemeister said. “They seem to like them, saying they are comfortable.”

Mike Miller, director of environmental health and safety at UR, is also assisting URPD with needed supplies. He led an effort to create hand sanitizer based on the World Health Organization formula and materials donated from the Department of Chemistry.

“We are using this first batch in a spray format for cleaning surfaces,” Miller said. “It’s a great way to conserve existing resources using stock campus materials.”

“I’m so grateful to my colleagues for helping keep essential workers safe with these supplies,” said Dave McCoy, associate vice president for public safety and chief of police.