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Moving experience: Spiders ready for fall semester
The newest Spiders shared how they're feeling about kicking off their college journey.
Research & Innovation
How will climate change affect iconic national parks?

Stephen Nash, a visiting senior research scholar at the University of Richmond, reports on climate change and how it will affect U.S. national parks. In some cases, the changes are happening faster than plant and animal species can adapt.

D-hall gets a makeover
The iconic Heilman Dining Center unveils important new upgrades to improve the dining experience sustainably.
Research & Innovation
Hot spots: UR researchers help in the fight against extreme heat

Faculty, students, and volunteers hit the streets to identify communities that are at risk from heat waves.

Research & Innovation
Mars Ingenuity: A UR professor reveals how a helicopter will take flight

University of Richmond physics professor Jack Singal explains how to achieve flight on Mars — and what searching for signs of life there might tell us about other planets.

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