Improving health care around the world

November 11, 2022


In this episode of Spider Talks, President Kevin F. Hallock talks with health studies professor Kathryn H. Jacobsen, an epidemiologist who specializes in global health, public health, and disease prevention and control.

Hallock and Jacobsen discuss her research, the fast-growing health studies major, and mentoring students.

Jacobsen has served as an expert adviser to international health agencies, including the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control and the World Health Organization.

“With those groups I'm brought in as an expert to share science with people who will be making decisions,” Jacobsen said. “It's not my job to make decisions about policy but to make sure that I'm communicating the science well enough to help guide those really difficult decisions.”

Media often turn to Jacobsen. Earlier this year she was sought after for her expertise on monkeypox by more than a dozen national media outlets, including in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. She also appeared as an expert resource, alongside the WHO and CDC, in a Verify piece that ran on more than 60 TV stations across the country.  

This is the second episode from Season 5 of Spider Talks and the 31st interview in the series.

Spider Talks features faculty from all five schools and many majors. Episodes of Spider Talks are published on UR Now