Uncovering secrets of cancer

December 7, 2020

Spider Talks Rewind

The University’s Physical Distance Framework and CDC guidelines prevented the filming of new episodes of Spider Talks, the popular video series featuring President Ronald A. Crutcher interviewing UR faculty about their areas of research. New episodes are slated to air beginning in 2021. For now, we hope you will enjoy a selection of episodes from past seasons for a limited release for Spider Talks Rewind.

In recognition of Cancer Screen Week, Dec. 7-11, this month’s Spider Talks Rewind features chemistry professor Julie Pollock, who focuses on developing programs that advance public health and medical research. Her primary focus is on cancer — specifically, understanding how cancer develops and progresses.

“We're trying to understand the mechanisms that lead to cancer and potentially develop ways of understanding them,” Pollock said.

Pollock has received grant support for her research on MEMO1, a protein found in breast cancer. She prides herself on her work with undergraduates, who she involves in every aspect of her research.

“Undergraduates are wonderful because they're very enthusiastic, and they're willing to learn,” said Pollock. “Really, almost all of the work that I do in my lab is driven by the undergraduates who are helping me plan and implement all the experiments.”