Present and accounted: a professor's formula for engaging students

October 29, 2020

Spider Talks Rewind

The University’s Physical Distance Framework and CDC guidelines prevented the filming of new episodes of Spider Talks, the popular video series featuring President Ronald A. Crutcher interviewing UR faculty about their areas of research. New episodes are slated to air beginning in 2021. For now, we hope you will enjoy a selection of episodes from past seasons for a limited release for Spider Talks Rewind.

In recognition of International Accounting Day on Nov. 10, this month’s Spider Talks Rewind features Joe Ben Hoyle, a longtime accounting professor. Hoyle, who has worked at the University of Richmond for more than 40 years, is a beloved faculty member who is well-known for his unique approach to teaching.

Knowing that accounting can be a complex subject, Hoyle is a champion of the Socratic Method, which focuses on asking and answering questions to stimulate critical thinking and learning. He says his main goal is to engage each one of his students from the moment they walk into his class.

“I'm a big believer that you can never be a great teacher unless you have great goals, and one of my main goals for more than a decade has been that when my students walk out at the end of the last class, I want them all to say, ‘I never knew I could learn so much. I never knew I could think so deeply. I never knew I could work so hard. And it was fun,’” Hoyle said.

Hoyle mentors fellow faculty at UR and across the globe. He frequently posts to his blog, “Teaching — Getting the Most from Your Students,” to help other educators find success.