crowd in buffalo cheering on the spiders

Observations from our March Madness

March 22, 2022


Spider Pride runs deep

Around the country and across the decades, our community was so proud to don their Spiders gear, paint their faces, share their experiences, and — most importantly — show up. Whether in the stands in D.C. and Buffalo, at pre-game receptions, at watch parties in the Robins Center, on social media, or in gatherings of friends all over the place, we were so proud to be there together, rooting for our Spiders.

Our appreciation was evident

When the Spiders left the court Saturday night in Buffalo, they received a spirited standing ovation from the crowd in the KeyBank Center. Perhaps more remarkably, they also received one in the Robins Center — 500 miles away — from hundreds of fans who stayed to applaud an empty court and a team that wasn’t even there. That’s gratitude.

It’s bigger than a game

When the team arrived back at the hotel following Saturday’s defeat, they were greeted with a reception from family members, friends, fans, and hotel staff that was even more enthusiastic than the one they received after Thursday’s victory. For the next few hours, they stayed right there in the hotel lobby, in the celebratory company of their extended Spider family.

“A kind group of people”

Those were the words of a manager at the team hotel as she reflected on the week and expressed her appreciation that it was this particular team and university that landed in her establishment. Amid the hectic hustle of the week, Spiders consistently showed grace and kindness to other Spiders and non-Spiders alike, from bus drivers to arena staff to opposing teams and fans (even referees — mostly).

WebstUR can dance!

During a commercial break in Thursday’s game, the Iowa Hawkeyes mascot made a critical mistake in challenging WebstUR to a dance-off. Let’s just say, it wasn’t even close. So really, we beat Iowa twice that day.

President Hallock bleeds red and blue

He may be a more recent addition to the Richmond family, but based on the energy and enthusiasm he has shown in D.C. and in Buffalo, and on various fields here on campus, he clearly is a bona fide Spider!


Here’s to a remarkable and memorable season! We are Spider Proud, again, and as always.