Life goals: Senior spends the summer teaching skills through lacrosse

October 1, 2021


Jack Delligatti, a senior on the Richmond Spiders men’s lacrosse team, had been looking for a way to combine his two passions, lacrosse and international business. He found it this summer in Panama, interning for a group called Lacrosse the Nations.

Delligatti spent time in Bocas Del Toro, on the small island of Isla Colón in the Caribbean Sea, raising funds, setting up practices, and doing community outreach. He believes kids can learn much about life on the lacrosse field.

“We focused on hard work, personal health, confidence building, and self-awareness,” he said.

Lacrosse the Nations is a non-profit focused on bringing the sport, education, and opportunity to children around the world, Delligatti said. The program partners with volunteers and staff who organize lacrosse practices and games, with an aim to improve graduation rates and school attendance in the communities where they work.

Delligatti, a business major, gained insight about working for an international non-profit, while experiencing the culture and lifestyle in Panama.

“Working abroad is important because it forces you outside of your comfort zone and exposes you to a different way of life,” he said. “By understanding those different than ourselves, we can learn and grow.”

He spent much of his time getting to know the island where he was living. He took Spanish lessons, trained at a local jiujitsu gym, and volunteered with a surf non-profit called Bocas Surf Crew.

“The opportunity to help others along with the personal and professional growth I experienced during my 10 weeks there are all things that will stick with me for life,” he said. “I hope to inspire others to find ways to share their skills and talents with the world.”