Introducing UR Now: All the news that makes us Spider Proud

July 20, 2020

Spider Pride

Starting this fall, a new digital news publication called UR Now will offer a regular mix of compelling and impactful stories about students, faculty and staff — and further connect our worldwide audience with the accomplishments and progress of the University.

UR Now will deliver news features and context, communicating important stories about the University in a timely way.  

“We established Spider Pride because our alumni had expressed interest in a regular communication about University progress and the accomplishments of all those who are part of the Spider community,” said Vice President for Communications John Barry. “The response to Spider Pride has been overwhelmingly positive. We are now poised to provide our alumni with a more regular, news-oriented communication. UR Now represents an exciting and innovative communication vehicle for us.”

For the past three years, Spider Pride published stories about alumni, both touching and inspiring, UR’s climbing academic rankings, faculty discoveries, and impressive undergrad achievements. That progression prompted a more wide-ranging, news-based look at UR. Spider Pride will remain a periodic feature in UR Now.

UR Now will be a division-wide collaboration of University Communications, including digital designers, developers, multimedia and social media producers, and the UR media team. 

On Aug. 19, UR Now will launch and a news digest will be emailed weekly. On July 29th, you’ll receive the final Spider Pride email.

The University of Richmond is a one-of-a-kind place, and UR Now is the next step in connecting Spiders everywhere with what makes our community so special.