Spiders win big at international chemistry symposium

January 30, 2020

Spider Pride

Richmond students are known for succeeding in professional environments that show off their research skills — oftentimes taking home the No. 1 spot.

Just take a look at eight Spiders who participated — and two who placed first and third! — in the Mona Symposium, an international conference focused on medicinal chemistry, in Kingston, Jamaica, as part of our EnCompass international program. Among them, junior Lesly Corado-Santiago earned first place and senior Hunter Evans placed third. 

“The success of UR students at the conference speaks to the high quality of their research work on campus and their confidence in presenting scientific results to technically savvy audiences well beyond Richmond,” said chemistry professor Kelling Donald. “Almost all of the other poster presenters at the conference were graduate students at various levels in their research programs, so the success of our students was quite special.”

Congratulations, Lesly and Hunter!