Alum lands show on Food Network

August 3, 2018

Spider Pride

When Spiders set their minds to something, they achieve it — and more. One alum’s cupcake business grew out of a small New York City apartment and into a reality show on none other than the Food Network. Airing on Monday, Aug. 6, Ashley Foxen, ’10, is hitting the big time on the small screen and sharing her success story of cupcakes that are far from ordinary.

Reality Cupcakes will showcase Foxen’s creative take on a traditional treat — think cupcakes resembling bagels, sandwiches, waffles and even … hot dogs. The business started in 2012 when her coworkers went wild for her tiny cheeseburgers made with cake.

“People were so positive and challenged me to do bigger and better [things] and manipulate products to look like other things,” she said, “It was a total snowball effect.”

It took quitting her job, moving home, enlisting the help of her family, and simultaneously baking and networking from her mother’s kitchen to get her passion project off the ground. Even now that she has her own show, she’s not slowing down as she’s currently balancing a full-time job at Twitter, planning her wedding, and baking for coworkers and friends.

“I’m constantly running at a neck-breaking pace,” Foxen said. “This is when I do best. When I’m bored or if I have too much downtime, no good comes of that. It’s a really nice thing to know about yourself.”

We are so proud of this ambitious Spider and can’t wait to see what she creates next. Be sure to follow Ashley and Reality Cupcakes!Check out her creations on Instagram