UR surpasses its Fulbright grant record

May 3, 2018

Spider Pride

We like to set records around here — and then promptly break them, moving on to the next accomplishment. The current milestone is our latest number of student Fulbright recipients. We’re proud to say we’ve broken our 2009 record with a new batch of eight awardees.  

The thing about Fulbrights is that they’re not just handed out — nearly 10,000 students from about 700 institutions applied for one of 1,900 grants to study, conduct research or teach abroad in the coming academic year. We’re thrilled that we have a group of students and recent alumni who have earned a spot on this coveted list. To date, we’ve had 56 student Fulbright grant recipients.

"The Fulbright is a wonderful fit for Richmond students,” said Dana Kuchem, director of the Office of Scholars and Fellowships. “We know our students are deeply interested in cultural exchange and are heavily engaged in their campus and communities. The Fulbright allows them to combine these interests after graduation, acting as ambassadors for the U.S. abroad.”

From Colombia to Malaysia and a few places in-between, we’re thrilled for our Spiders. Congratulations for this impressive accomplishment!

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