Junior to create first library in his Kenyan hometown

April 26, 2018

Spider Pride

We know our students are driven to achieve, but it’s when they create something to help others that makes us the most proud.

Junior Mike Kitimet, a mathematics major with an economics minor, came to UR from a Kenyan town with no library. Recognizing the important role books play in learning, he took action and found a way to give back to his community — and was recently awarded a $10,000 Projects for Peace grant to start the first library in his hometown.

Kitimet will travel to Kiserian, Kenya this summer to help establish the library, which will provide 600 elementary and middle school students with increased access to books and other learning materials.

"I hope to give Kiserian students access to knowledge that will encourage better understanding between them and other people of different origins and opinions," Kitimet said. "Access to learning will build their capacity to be a positive force for equality of opportunity, personal development and economic advancement, which are all factors I believe are preconditions for peace."

To say we’re honored to call Mike a Spider is an understatement. Congratulations for embarking on this impressive project!

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