President Crutcher affirms Richmond's value

June 30, 2017

Spider Pride

Most people know our president is a world-class cellist. And a growing number of folks are learning more about his role as a global thought leader on higher education.

In a recent essay, he combined those two areas of expertise to make an important point about the value of a Richmond education and why we should speak more frequently and confidently about it.

“My first cello — on loan from my middle school music department — was made of plywood and sturdy enough to withstand the carelessness of a teenage boy. I outgrew it within a year,” Crutcher writes. “When my cello teacher advised me that a new cello was necessary to advance my fledgling skill, I mustered the courage to ask my parents for a $250 cello. Within a year, I was back asking for a $1,500 one, a significant financial commitment for my parents. But they agreed and sacrificially hastened my ascent into public performing.”

President Crutcher makes the point that educational choices are a similarly important decision. Thankfully, people can be confident Richmond is a strong selection when investing in education. You don’t have to take our word for it! The Princeton Review named us to its list of the top 50 schools that “pay you back” based on our stellar academics, affordable or generously aided education, and strong career prospects.

“A Richmond education provides a powerful return on investment,” writes Crutcher. “Nearly 60 percent of every senior class graduates with no debt. The average loan debt for those who do finance their education, $27,670, is less than the national average and comparable to that of public universities.” 

Now, that ought to make you proud!

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