Meet UR's newest spiders

March 13, 2017

Spider Pride

Eight is special number for those of us who call the Spider our mascot. Now, it’s also the number of resident arachnids who call our biology department home.

Six new spiders joined Tarrant, a greenbottle blue tarantula, and Tiny, a white-striped bird eater, in Gottwald.

Richmond’s newest spiders include:

  • White-striped bird eater
  • Mexican redleg
  • Brazilian whiteknee
  • Chilean rose hair
  • Honduran curlyhair
  • Pink zebra beauty
  • and a Chilean flame

Together, the eight spiders represent living, breathing school spirit and the opportunity to do research and learn about specific spider species. The tarantulas are not only interesting to study, but they provide some spectacular outreach and educational opportunities.

“Spiders are fascinating creatures, and we are grateful for the opportunity to keep learning and sharing our love of all spiders,” said Jennifer O’Donnell, the caretaker for our live mascots in the biology department.

This year, everyone on campus has a chance to see the spiders during National #SpiderDay on March 14. We love to celebrate this day, especially since UR is the only college in the U.S. with a spider for its mascot. The spiders also visit intro biology courses, and even local preschool and elementary schools.

Learn about UR's celebration of National Spider Day