That's a wrap

May 3, 2024


Tour guides Brian Pescatore and Campbell Finch take their roles seriously. "We even have matching sweatsuits that say co-lead intern," Pescatore said.

As the end of the academic year drew near, seniors from the Admission Office were busy taking care of some unsettled business — items on their Richmond bucket list. And their classmate Brian Pescatore was there to capture it all in a light-hearted video.

“I've always had certain topics that I think are video worthy but wouldn't necessarily fill a whole two or three minutes on their own,” said Pescatore, who has made numerous short films for the office. “In February, I thought about how time was running out to do all that and that's when I thought of framing it as a senior bucket list.”

He sent out an email to other Admission senior interns requesting their help. He made some suggestions and others came up with their own ideas.

In the video, he rides the hair-raising rollercoasters at King’s Dominion, tackles a challenging exercise class, and chills out at campus hangout The Cellar.

He said the most challenging task was running the Spider Dash, a 5K race. “I committed to run it prior to the video idea and had trained for it, but as I say in the video, there's a lot of uphill in that course.”

His favorite list item was a group outing to a Flying Squirrels game.

“To have a bunch of people from the intern program out doing something so fun, especially with my co-lead intern, Campbell Finch, was really special,” he said. “We did win the ‘Dynamic Duo’ award at the Tour Guide Awards this year, so we know how to have fun, even on a cold and rainy Thursday at the Diamond.”