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Honoring a legacy of leadership and generosity

January 23, 2023


University of Richmond alum Marcus Weinstein says he owes his philosophy on education, service, and philanthropy to his mother.

“My mother was a great believer in education, and she passed that value on to me,” Weinstein said. “She also believed and taught me it was important to share what you have with others.”

Weinstein took his mother’s words to heart.

Over the course of many decades, Weinstein, his wife, Carole M. Weinstein, also an alum, and their family have demonstrated extraordinary dedication, service, and generosity to the University.

Among numerous contributions to campus, their gifts led to the creation of the Carole Weinstein International Center, the Weinstein Center for Recreation, and Weinstein Hall. Additionally, the Weinsteins have supported endowed professorships and scholarship opportunities and numerous programming opportunities, including the annual Weinstein-Rosenthal Forum and other Chaplaincy initiatives.

“The University of Richmond has been instrumental in every success I’ve had over the last 70 years,” Weinstein said. “The University has given so much to me, and I’ve tried to do whatever I can to show my appreciation in return.” 

Last week, Weinstein was honored with the Paragon Medal, the University of Richmond’s highest honor. The Paragon Medal is awarded to an individual who has demonstrated an unparalleled commitment to the University and positively shaped the University’s present and future. Weinstein is only the second person in history to receive the medal. The first was E. Claiborne Robins in 1986.

The award honors Weinstein’s enduring legacy of leadership and philanthropy as well as his advocacy for and support of both the University and broader region.

“Marcus and his family have made a profound and critical difference in the life and culture of our university. This award honors their unmatched dedication and its transformative impact on the University of Richmond,” said UR President Kevin F. Hallock.

Weinstein received his undergraduate degree from the University in 1949 and an Honorary Doctor of Commercial Science in 2002. The community leader, well-known philanthropist, and chairman of Weinstein Properties previously received UR’s Alumni Award for Distinguished Service in 2005. He and Carole received the President’s Medal in 2013 honoring their outstanding service to the University.

“Over five decades, Marcus and the Weinstein family have enhanced the student experience while holding our university to the highest standards,” Hallock said. “They’ve improved our campus facilities, increased access and affordability for our students, supported the ethical development, health, and well-being of Richmond Spiders, raised the bar for academic success, and transformed Richmond into a truly global center for learning.”

Weinstein said gifts of all sizes can make a big impact.

“Giving to others and helping to make the world a better place is critically important to my Jewish faith,” Weinstein said. “By sharing what I have with other people I feel like I am helping to make the world a better place and making my mother proud.” 

The Paragon Medal is not given to anyone else during the lifetime of its recipient. The University of Richmond Board of Trustees voted to confer this award to Marcus Weinstein in August 2022, and the ceremony was held Jan. 19.  

“The only other person who has received this medal is E. Claiborne Robins senior, and I cannot think of any greater compliment to me and my family than to receive this medal and be thought of in his company,” Weinstein said. “I am incredibly grateful and humbled by this honor from a place I love so much, and which has done so much for me.”