sean casey

Major League Spider reflects on World Series homers

October 31, 2022


With the Houston Astros and the Philadelphia Phillies in the World Series this week, it seemed like the perfect time to check in with former Spiders standout Sean Casey, a ’96 grad who went on to a successful 12-year career in Major League Baseball. Casey played first base for five teams in his professional career and is currently a commentator and analyst for the MLB Network.

Renowned for his gregarious personality, Casey was nicknamed “The Mayor” due to his habit of chatting up opposing players when they made it to first base. In 2007, he was voted the Friendliest Player in Baseball in a 2007 Sports Illustrated poll of players and coaches.

How are you going to watch the World Series this year?

I’m not working it for the network this year so I’m just going to sit back and watch it like a fan. I’m going to saddle up. I’m really looking forward to some of the star power with this one: Alex Bregman, Jose Altuve, Bryce Harper, and Kyle Schwarber. I think it’s going to be a fun World Series.

I’m really looking forward to seeing Justin Verlander pitch. We played together in ’06 and ’07, with the Tigers. It’s fun to watch him play. There are only a few guys left in the big leagues that I played with. I’m hoping he plays for the next 10 years, so I can still say there’s a guy out there that I played with. 

You hit two home runs in the ’06 World Series with the Detroit Tigers. What's that feel like, hitting a home run in the World Series?

It's incredible. I always describe it as like a dream within a dream. You know, the dream was to get to the big leagues, and then you get to the World Series, then hit a home run in the World Series? It’s like it's like a dream within a dream. Incredible.

When that first one went over the fence and I was rounding first base, I think time literally slowed down for a second there. Just to think back to when I was 12 years old in the backyard, you know, thinking about: Sean Casey hits a home run in the World Series! Then I homered again in game five, and it felt the same way again. It never gets old.

When you think back on your time playing ball for the for the University of Richmond, does any particular moment pop into your mind?  

I remember junior year, the team was all at The Pier, the student center. We were watching ESPN, waiting to hear the teams that were getting into the NCAA tournament. We were one of the best teams in the country. I think we were ranked in the Top 25 at that time. We’re all gathered around and they announce the Richmond Spiders. We went crazy, jumping around, hugging each other. I remember that like it was yesterday.