In their own words: These Fulbright Spiders are ready to hit the ground running

June 14, 2022


Seven recent University of Richmond graduates can now add Fulbright grants to their resumes. The Fulbright Program, which is sponsored by the U.S. government, is designed to increase mutual understanding between the U.S. and other countries through educational exchange. Take a look at where they’re headed, and how they’ll use their grants starting this fall.

“Being named a Fulbright scholar is a testament to the quality of mentorship and the education that I’ve had at the University of Richmond. I look forward to my year in Spain as a time to grow as a global citizen."

headshot of Isabelle Drayer
Isabelle Drayer

A 2022 graduate who will teach plurilingual secondary school in Galicia, Spain

"This award allows me to engage in meaningful cross-cultural exchange, hopefully leaving an impact on students while also serving as a great opportunity for me to experience personal growth."

headshot of Alex Pistolesi
Alex Pistolesi

A 2022 graduate who will teach English through the Community of Madrid in Spain

"The Fulbright Scholarship will allow me to learn about Moroccan culture and society through teaching university students in the classroom and interacting with the local community."

headshot of Cutty Ashley
Cutty Ashley

A 2022 graduate who will teach English in Morocco

"It was my dream to live and work in India as a field researcher, and I am excited to take everything I have learned and apply it to a research study of my own."

headshot of Meher Kaur
Meher Kaur

A 2021 graduate who will complete public health research in Mumbai, India

"I truly value education through centering the perspectives of others, so I believe that the Fulbright experience is the best way to authentically learn from others in an intentional space."

headshot of Anna Tartline
Anna Tartline

A 2022 graduate who will teach English in Mexico

"A large part of my time at Richmond centered around learning German, and this award will teach me more about connecting with individuals across cultures and at an interpersonal level through language and education."

headshot of Sarah Wagner
Sarah Wagner

A 2022 graduate who will teach English in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

"The Fulbright will allow me to better understand how educators in the U.S. can meet the needs of immigrant families and students."

headshot of Megan Wing
Megan Wing

A 2017 graduate who will teach English in Mexico. Wing is conversational in Spanish, studied abroad in Peru, and was accepted into Teach for America while at Richmond.

The Fulbright Program has awarded 75 University of Richmond students grants to study and research abroad. This year, UR was included on the list of U.S. colleges and universities that produced the most Fulbright U.S. students for the fourth year in a row.

"The Fulbright is a wonderful fit for Richmond students who are deeply interested in cultural exchange,” said Dana Kuchem, director of the Office of Scholars and Fellowships. “Fulbright student scholars engage in international study that fuels their academic, professional, and personal development.”