Winning formula: Women's basketball scores longest streak in more than a decade

January 21, 2022


The Spider women’s basketball team just wrapped its best winning streak in 18 years. This season, for the first time in more than a decade, the Spiders won seven games in a row.

“It’s a great feeling winning that many times,” said Kate Klimkiewicz, the senior guard who scored the winning buzzer-beater in the seventh game of the winning streak against George Washington.

With that shot, Klimkiewicz dropped a game-high 20 points in her second consecutive game, also tying her season high. She pulled down a team-high eight rebounds, and the final shot earned her a spot on ESPN’s Top Ten plays of the day. 

“The streak definitely contributed to our chemistry on the court,” she said, “everyone is just having fun and that’s the most important part.”

The Richmond Spiders women’s basketball team held the wins at home and away against opponents like Duquesne, Florida Atlantic, and Longwood. Coach Aaron Roussell joined the Spiders three years ago, and says this streak is just one part of what makes this team a great group.

“I think you get into this business because you enjoy being around young people and helping to kind of mold them and help develop them in their daily lives and for the future,” Roussell said. “I think you have to assemble good people that respect each other and are friendly with each other. We have that.”

The streak ended on Jan. 12 at St. Joseph’s, but that hasn’t deterred Roussell. The team holds a 12-7 record, with its next opponent, Dayton, on Jan. 26.

“It's a really good group,” he said. “I thoroughly love coaching this group. I really do. And now it’s back to work, focusing on the next game.”