Biology professor's Fulbright takes her research to Namibia

April 4, 2019

Spider Pride

Earlier this year, we were excited to share that UR is among the country’s top Fulbright producers — meaning that a large number of Spider professors and students are named to this exclusive research club.

Next up is biology professor Amy Treonis, whose Fulbright Scholar award will support 10 months of teaching and research at the University of Namibia in Africa. Focusing on soil ecology, she’s researching nematodes, an understudied group of microscopic organisms found in soils and sediments.

“A handful of soil can contain hundreds of different species, and these microscopic organisms play important roles in decomposition and nutrient cycling,” Treonis said. “My research focuses on the study of the unseen life in the soil, which helps us understand the world beneath our feet.”

Congratulations, Dr. Treonis!

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