Elevating UR's culture of scholarship

July 12, 2017

Spider Pride

This spring produced a bumper crop of Goldwater Scholars and Fulbright awardees, and all signs point to this momentum continuing. 

Our students have always been high-caliber and high-achieving, and now we have a dedicated position to connect them with some of the most prestigious opportunities available to college students. This month, Dana Kuchem joins UR as the director of scholars and fellowships. In this new position, Kuchem will help connect even more Richmond students with prestigious academic opportunities.

“Our students already have a great track record for securing nationally recognized scholarships and fellowships,” said President Ronald A. Crutcher. “In fact, we’ve recently had six student scholars receive top honors, including Fulbrights and Goldwaters. Dana will elevate the strength we already have and connect our students with even more opportunities.”

We’re excited to see what comes next! Kuchem has a track record of advising high-achieving students for Rhodes and Marshall Scholarships. She’s also president of the National Association of Fellowships Advisors. It’s no surprise that part of what attracted her to Richmond is its reputation as a place that provides excellent research, service, and experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

“During my 12 years as a fellowship advisor, I have developed an in-depth understanding of advising high-ability students in regard to their academics, professional goals, and personal lives,” Kuchem said. “This holistic advising process has required me to become educated on a variety of high-impact practices for student engagement, including participation in undergraduate research and experiential and service learning. I am particularly drawn to the opportunity to advance a culture of scholarship at an institution like Richmond.”

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