Dispatches from Buffalo

May 23, 2022


The Spiders’ surprise win at the A-10 championship led to a thrilling NCAA tournament run. Season ticket holder Phillip Gravely, ’96, traveled with the team to cover the magic of the madness for URNow. He was accompanied by UR social media specialist Joshua Briere. Together, the pair rode the wave of Spider Pride with the team behind the scenes and with fans at the games, on campus, and everywhere.

Relive the journey here:

#SpiderMarch Day 1: “There’s a strange mix of emotions.”
#SpiderMarch Day 2: “It’s business time now.”
#SpiderMarch Day 3: “This team is not just happy to be here.”
#SpiderMarch Day 4: “In the Robins Center, fans were jumping and screaming.”
A great dance: Scenes from the second Robins Center gamewatch
#SpiderMarch Day 5: “What an incredible ride it has been.”
Closing observations: “This was an unforgettable moment in time at a time when we all needed a moment.”