1992 classmates and friends Brad Bongiovanni (left) and Jon Chandonnet

Their gift to you

January 29, 2022


Brad Bongiovanni and Jon Chandonnet, two friends from the Class of 1992, want you to be well.

Like, really, really well. They want you to be in such a great place that they’re still trying to figure out the right words to describe just how well they mean. Lately, they’ve been thinking about their vision as not just “well-being” but “whole-being,” as in “not that everything’s perfect, just that you have what you need to feel whole,” as Bongiovanni puts it. He adds that it’s not “a one-size-fits-all proposition.”

They are inviting Spiders to join them in exploring these questions through a conversation series they host in partnership with alumni relations.

“Spotlight on Wellbeing” is a virtual monthly discussion between themselves and a guest that combines professional expertise with personal experience. Recent guests include Jay Carpenter, R’92, author Kelly Corrigan, W’89, and Jen Fisher, chief well-being officer at Deloitte.

For Bongiovanni, this pursuit has been integral to his profession as a doctor of naturopathic medicine, a specialty that focuses on the whole person and emphasizes deep well-being.

For Chandonnet, its roots are deeply personal, the result of a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis at age 27. Since then, he’s become a father and an author sharing his story of becoming more conscious about his life and his health — trying to minimize disease impacts while powering his well-being through new approaches to diet, exercise, and spirituality.

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