Photograph by Jamie Betts

A good match

January 28, 2022


Once again, the Spider community stepped up in a big way during Spiders Helping Spiders in November. More than 1,000 donors made gifts to enable Spiders to stay on track when they need help and prepare for work and life after graduation. Their gifts totaled more than $545,000.

The fundraising total was boosted by an anonymous alumna and her spouse, who pledged to match every gift twice — to two different funds — up to $250,000. Donors fully met the match. The alumna who offered it said she was inspired by the way the Spider community comes together to support students with financial needs, according to Kim Lebar, director of annual giving.

In addition to the double-match challenge, other alumni and families offered an unprecedented level of matching gifts.

More than 600 alumni, 400 parents, and nearly 100 faculty and staff (with some overlap among categories) contributed. Young alumni accounted for almost a quarter of alumni donors.

This year’s effort raised the most support of any Spiders Helping Spiders campaign, which is now in its fourth year. The annual fall campaign focuses on financial aid, the Student Emergency Fund, and the Career Opportunity Fund — areas that increase access and affordability for all students.