From Sao Paulo to London

September 10, 2021


By Nicole Hansen

Drika Bianchin, ’15, isn’t afraid of a challenge.

“My mantra is: I will either find a way or make a way, no matter what,” she says.

The former captain of the Spider women’s soccer team was recently named vice president for consulting accounts for AlphaSights, a leader in knowledge-on-demand that connects companies with industry professionals to address business challenges. She’s a member of the London-based European Leadership Team, contributing to strategy creation and new product development. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she moved to the U.S. at 16 to play soccer. During her time at Richmond, she was a student-athlete, a business major, and a volunteer translator at the World Pediatric Project.

It hasn’t been an easy road for her. As a student-athlete, she had two surgeries that set her back in her goals as a player.

“I’ve learned a lot about mental toughness, determination, and discipline,” she says. “I learned resiliency. My injuries taught me about overcoming obstacles and focusing on what’s within my control to bounce back from challenges.”

She uses that resiliency every day as vice president.

“I treat my career almost like a season. I know that I have good days and bad days, but I keep myself focused on my outcome and my personal growth,” she says.

After graduation, she knew she wanted a commercial-facing role where she could make an impact early in her career. Over the past six years, she has moved up the ranks from associate to vice president and helped AlphaSights rank as one of the UK’s best workplaces.

“I am proud of the team I’ve been part of these six years and our ability to scale and become a leading player in the information services industry,” she says. “At Richmond, I learned how to create a team environment where everyone feels supported and wants to achieve great things together.”