May 13, 2020


An exhibition focused on the relationship between food, culture, and identity had to close up soon after it opened in the University Museums in February. The write-up for Off the Menu said it “creates a place for shared connections over a subject that is as popular on Instagram as it is in family celebrations and religious histories.” These days, the images — and just the notion of getting out for an art exhibit — are reminders of the lives we’re hopeful to resume soon.

Red Pepper, 1993, by Aaron Fink
The Banquet of the Piacevoli at the Pitti Palace, 1627, by Stefano della Bella
The Wedding Party, 1998, by Arnold Mesches
Fundraising Event in a Rose Garden, 2005, by Warrington Colescott
Mother and children drinking refreshments, Brussels World Fair, 1958, by Henri Cartier-Bresson
#834, 2005, by Barbara Weissberger