Preserve, protect

January 10, 2018


Laura Doyle, ’06, proves museums aren’t the only way to preserve cultural heritage.
By Pryor Green, '06

When Laura Doyle, ’06, decided to study art and business, the insurance industry was the last thing on her mind. But she found an unexpected fit in fine art.

She got her start at Chubb, which insures everything from antiquities and pre-Columbian artifacts to contemporary art, as well as sports memorabilia and wine. The company also helps clients manage and protect private collections — something Doyle is passionate about preserving.

“Our job is to help our clients protect those pieces,” she said. “We recognize they are custodians of cultural heritage, and we help them so their art can be passed down and shared with future generations.”

As part of the risk management team, Doyle advised collectors on everything from installation and security to the packing and shipment of art works. She also consulted on museum loans.

Doyle was recently promoted to her “dream job” as collections manager at Chubb. She is responsible for underwriting large collections and overseeing the strategic direction of the practice. She travels throughout North America attending art fairs, auctions, and museum and gallery shows to stay on top of trends in the market. A current focus is the growth of online art sales and educating clients about the risks of buying in those venues.

Still, she says the best part of the job is talking to the collectors.

“Oftentimes, our clients were friends with the artists,” she says. “Our clients have really intimate stories of how their collections have grown over the years. The most interesting part is hearing all of the behind-the-scenes stories of the artists.”