Rethink waste staff and volunteers at the Robins Center

UR wins national Campus Race to Zero Waste competition

May 27, 2024

University News

With an impressive 98% diversion rate, the University of Richmond placed first in the national Campus Race to Zero Waste competition in the GameDay Basketball waste diversion category. This is the first time that UR has won a category on the national level.

At a UR basketball game earlier this year, the Rethink Waste team managed a small group of staff, students, and volunteers who helped sort and dispose of waste during and after the game. This resulted in nearly all of the waste generated going to recycling or compost facilities instead of a landfill.

The goal of the competition is to minimize and divert waste from landfills through recycling and reduction strategies. Thirty colleges and universities were recognized as winners for this year’s competition, a program created by the National Wildlife Federation and RecycleMania Inc.

“The entire Rethink Waste team and all our campus partners were crucial to our success, said David Donaldson, manager of Rethink Waste. “This success only makes me more excited and determined to continue our on-campus initiatives.”

The Rethink Waste team promotes conservation across campus year-round and educates the campus on recycling and composting programs as well as sustainable living practices.

“The team engages people in considering their behavior as potential stewards of our campus and the environment,” said director of sustainability Rob Andrejewski. “Whether through gameday programs, interactions with the Rethink Waste reps, composting education, or visiting the Spider Exchange, thousands of people in the UR community are rethinking their relationship with waste each year.”