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Faculty experts made headlines in 2023

January 8, 2024


The political landscape

Political science professor Ernest McGowen is an expert on elections, campaigns, and voter behavior. McGowen is a go-to resource for political reporters, especially during election season. The national political site The Hill featured McGowen in November, sharing his insights on projected voter turnout for the 2024 presidential election. 

Voters seeing ‘perceived differences’ between the candidates is key to driving turnout. Voters might be likely to take less interest in the race if it were a contest between an incumbent and a lesser-known challenger, but both Trump and Biden have clear, established records to run on that differentiate themselves to voters. Yes, they both have negatives, but at the same time, they are both really well-known commodities.

headshot of Ernest McGowen
Ernest McGowen
Political science professor, quoted in The Hill
The Hill had previously spoken with him about the GOP’s second presidential debate. These articles were republished by dozens of additional outlets, including The Miami Herald and The Charlotte Observer.

Retail trends

Finance professor Tom Arnold keeps a close watch on consumer spending, which caught the attention of business reporters who shared his insights with readers.

Retailers may be more worried this season about consumers’ continued ability to spend on non-essential items. While a much-feared recession has yet to materialize, a long run of expensive times may have shoppers feeling the pressure to step back.”

headshot of Tom Arnold
Tom Arnold
Finance professor, quoted in NerdWallet about Black Friday shopping
Arnold was consulted by the BBC about Halloween as one of the U.S.'s biggest consumer holidays. He also shared insights on Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping with popular finance website NerdWallet and The Washington Times. Arnold also discussed inflation and the interest rate hike with the Washington Examiner.

Indigenous rights

Leadership studies professor David Wilkins, a citizen of the Lumbee Nation of North Carolina, is often quoted by media as a subject matter expert on Native American policy and Indigenous politics and governance.

Many thousands of people have been disenrolled or otherwise spurned by 80-plus tribes since the mid-1990s, when casino revenues surged. Each instance is different with personal and political strife sometimes more important.”

headshot of David Wilkins
David Wilkins
Leadership studies professor, quoted in The Seattle Times on tribal evictions
The New York Times cited Wilkins’ research for an article focusing on how the Supreme Court has addressed Native American rights over the years. Wilkins, coauthor of Dismembered, a book on tribal disenrollment, was also quoted in The Seattle Times about evictions in the Nooksack Indian Tribe in Washington state related to Indigenous heritage and property.