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July 10, 2023

Research & Innovation

University of Richmond professors frequently contribute to scholarly journals, but many are also leading from the top of the masthead — from journals focused on William Faulkner to one of the world’s most venerable math publications. Here is a sample.

American Mathematical Monthly

Mathematics professor Della Dumbaugh is editor in chief of the most widely read mathematics journal in the world. Dumbaugh is just the second female head of the American Mathematical Monthly, founded in 1894. She and her editorial team cull from almost 1,000 submissions each year. And, surprisingly, “we do occasionally publish mathematical poetry.”

The Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership

Leadership studies professors Kristin Bezio and Julian Hayter are the founding editors, and psychology professor Laura Knouse the associate editor of The Interdisciplinary Journal of Leadership Studies, which debuted last year. For the second issue, “AI, Algorithms and Leadership,” they seek papers addressing the advantages, drawbacks, and ethics of artificial intelligence — historically, currently, or in the future. “There might be all sorts of not-current ways people think about AI, its origins in programming, or even movies or books by authors like Isaac Asimov,” Bezio said.

The Faulkner Journal

English and film professor Peter Lurie edits this journal devoted to explorations of the works of the Southern writer. Affiliated with the William Faulkner Society, the advisory board is comprised of distinguished scholars from around the world. The editors welcome a variety of scholarly approaches and seek submissions that explore fresh perspectives on his work. This coming fall Lurie will teach an English seminar titled Faulkner and Film, a topic related to his focus on the novelist's work in cultural and historical contexts.

Digital America

Art-focused Digital America was founded when UR students in a class of the same name “decided to toss the syllabus and focus on creating an online journal for misfit work,” according to the journal’s online site. Art instructor Meghan Rosatelli is director of the growing publication, which now has an international reach.

SIAM Undergraduate Research Online

Math professor Joanna Wares is editor in chief of this online publication from the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, with a focus on undergrad research. “Students publish about mathematical studies on topics from almost any other science or social science discipline you can imagine,” Wares said. “So far in 2023, there have been papers about political zealots, machine learning algorithms, and infectious diseases, to name a few.”

Southern Economic Journal

Two UR economics professors are editors for the Southern Economic Journal. Co-editor Shakun Mago handles papers in the fields of industrial organization, which examines the structures of firms and markets, and experimental economics, while KimMarie McGoldrick, senior associate editor, specializes in economics education. The most recent edition dives into the economic impacts of issues such as gerrymandering and hurricane-prone areas.

Journal of Inorganic & Organometallic Polymers & Materials

Chemistry professor Martel Zeldin is editor in chief of this publication, which covers the latest theoretical and experimental research on a broad range of synthetic and natural materials, which are used to create and improve products, including ones for drug delivery, clothing, ceramics, dyes, and many other uses in industry, health care, solar energy, and even space exploration.