Well-Being Center dedicated as the cornerstone of UR's focus on mind and body

October 1, 2021


Richmond’s newly dedicated Well-Being Center is a key component of the University’s overall commitment to student health and wellness. This welcoming space encourages a holistic approach to well-being and helps students develop life-long skills. 

The facility is attached to the Weinstein Center for Recreation and has been visited nearly 19,000 times since it opened in January. Each week 40 live fitness classes are offered. All first-year and transfer students are required to take WELL 100 at the Center, where they discuss self-care, nutrition, fitness, and well-being resources on campus. 

The project was generously supported by alumni and families.

“The Well-Being Center is a crucial part of our campus,” said Tom Roberts, associate vice president of health and well-being. “Students use it every day as a place to study, work out, eat healthy food, practice mindfulness, and get the care they need. A place for students to visit not only when they are not well, but also when they want to be proactive and be well. We are committed to helping them establish life-long healthy habits to help them thrive in the future.”

The center houses a meditation garden, a labyrinth, and areas for rest and relaxation. It’s also home to the Student Health Center, Counseling and Psychological Services, and the Center for Awareness, Response, and Education, as well as well-being education and nutrition services. Locating these critical student services in a single location enhances the university’s ability to provide integrated care and support for students.

“This is a location that when you enter you can find your well-being path that best fits your needs and goals,” said Heather Sadowski, director of health promotion. “Some days we may need clinical services, some days we may need snuggles from our therapy dog Emmett, and some days we may want to relax in the salt therapy room.”